1976 BMW 2002 M10 Restore

Build029 1976 BMW 2002 M10 Restoration 003

In other posts I have talked about how important the story is. The probally would not have happened without the back story.

This car was purchased by the owners parents in 1978 in California. The current owner bought it from them in 1980, drove it for a summer in CA and then drove it back to Michigan where he was going to college and playing football for U of M.

He then drove it throughout college (mostly in the summer) and for a few years after. He purchased a new car in 1988 put this 02 in the garage as if he would drive it the next day and that's where it sat until we picked it up in Feburary of 2017.

The car was RUSTY....almost too rusty to repair but the car held so many great memories for the owner it was worth saving. Follow along as we bring this car back!

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