1983 BMW 320 S52 Swap

Build007 1983 BMW E21 320 S52 281

This was one of the last swaps we started back in my home garage and finished in our larger shop.

The S52 came out of the E36 M3 that got the LS3/TR6060 swap.

The goal for this car was to make an E21 M car which never happened.

We did just about everything other than paint on this car...engine swap, full suspension, brake upgrade, sport seats from a VW, wheels, and bumper tuck.

Follow the build below, jump to the end under most recent, or just dig into the gallery to see 300+ pictures. Thanks for reading!

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Build007 1983 BMW E21 320 S52 266


I wish we had taken more pictures during the final stages but when you get into it sometimes you forget to

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