1989 BMW E30 325 M30B35 Swap

Build015 1989 BMW E30 M30B35 129

This car came to us twice.... We don't have any pictures from the first go around but I'll summarize. Another shop started the swap and then gave up so we scooped it up. The M30 was already in the car so we were tasked to just get it running and driving on the first round. It was mostly installing a wiring harness and wiring it up.

The owner drove the car for a couple years and then wanted to have the body done. So he brought the car back for us to fix some rust, install mtech front bumper and skirts, pull the engine to go through it, have it painted, and put it all back together.

This one is semi local so it's nice to see it once and awhile.

Super fun drive...oh with AC.

Read through the process below or jump down to the gallery at the bottom and dig in.

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Build015 1989 BMW E30 M30B35 128


We mounted the mtech side skirts and a front bumper. Added AC back in and sent her home. Welding some crimp

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