Let’s Build a Fuel Rail

Build034 1974 BMW 2002 M10 Turbo 30

Seeing how the 2002 with the m10 was running mechincal fuel injection that wouldn't work with EFI and microsquirt. SO.......we had a choice to made. Either run a different intake manifold, such as the e30 318, or make the tii manifold work. We wanted this to look at orignal as possible so the later was chosen. To make that happen we had to weld injector bungs into the lower intake manifold (yay, tig weld 50 year old cast aluminum), install some shorty injectors, modify a fuel rail, install a Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR), and fit it all down inside the tii intake manifold. Follow along below as we solve problems...or scroll to the bottom and just dig into the gallery. Enjoy -jb

Build034 1974 BMW 2002 M10 Turbo 30

Started witth a couple m30 fuel chopped down to fit.

Build034 1974 BMW 2002 M10 Turbo 36

Bungs welded in, injectors on, FPR rotated to fit and all tigged together.

Build034 1974 BMW 2002 M10 Turbo 33

Clearance for FPR, new mount made to mount it in the correct orientation.

Build034 1974 BMW 2002 M10 Turbo 35

Fuel feed side and showing clearance with the loops installed.

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